Veger's Precursor

Precursor Robots are robots that look like giant humanoid insects nose and eyes. Were built by the Precursor long ago, is one of the biggest weapons they use, although originally used for the purpose of peace.

These robots have many functions such as removing the intruders, who were destroying orders, destroy the enemies of the Precursor, among others, but its main function is to defend the Precursor at any cost.

These robots have a weapon Precursor sophisticated technology, these robots have a sword as his main weapon power or a red laser sword with which to make it hit the ground it creates energy waves that can damage all enemies of around, also has hidden in his wrist a small pistol that shoots energy projectiles white, are very effective and can break rocks, also on her back takes a few tentacles with which it can fire a laser that overheat the ground causing it to create pillars rock, despite being a weapon long reach, the pillars that make that gun is cool very fast, also in his wrist gun may also throw some Metal heads that can make the enemy be distracted while it tries to attack.


  1. So cool. Also great pictures with this post.

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